2008年12月7日 星期日

Fenny's Record

Record 1-Who am I ?

Record 2-What I believe

Record 3-My Hometown

I see the movie - Cape No.7

This year is a quite special year. The giant global finance risk happend, Mr. Ma became taiwan's presendent and previous presendent Mr. Chen was caught in the jail...etc. In the many crazy things, the super taiwan movie Cape No.7 became the focus, it grabed everbody's eyes for the moment.

For a very long time, everybody did see taiwan's movies no more. Marketing seems to decide the pity destiny of taiwan's movies. However, Cape No.7 created the miracle in the past several months. For the time being, the movie let taiwan's people take a fresh breath in terrible circumstance. Either children or adults, all ages are attracked by the movie. But why? There are several reasons I think.

The movie illustrated well-known place where is a relaxing small town in south of taiwan. In the movie, all ages can find a piece of corner belongs to themselves. Even, everybody, from the ages of 8 to 80 years old, can search a kind of words belong to their own age. All peoples are connected with the film. To go to see the movie became a fashion. When people met with each other, the first sentence is "Did you see Cape No.7 ? If one didn't see it, he or she must feel strange and fall behind. Finally, almost people went to see the movie.

To be honest, the scenarios are quite nice. The whole story told a beautiful love, a hopeful life and a possibility for people. It also expressed a helpless old period and the vital spark of humanbeings. Even if, we don't know what will happen tomorrow. Only one thing we need to concentrate is present, i.e. at the moment. The past sad, glorious and happy time will keep in our memories and pass through our mind like a song or a spring.

Anyway, I think Cape No.7 is a wonderful and warm movie. I hope more great taiwan movies can be produced in the future.

2008年12月1日 星期一

I became Roald Dahl's Fan!

After reading Matilda written by Roald Dahl, I became his big fan.
I found his audio collection including ten children's books. The set of the audiobooks are included The Twits, The Witches, Charlie and The Chocolate Factory...etc. I really like them very much.

I try my best to listen the audiobooks when I drive my car to go to company. In the beginning, it was so difficult to me. However, I listend again and again, I found the speaking speed seemed to slow down gradually. In oder to improve listenning capability, generally I didn't read the book before listening the audiobook. Until several times listening, I started to check the whole story of the book. I think the way is useful to me for improving English skills.

Roald Dahl is a famous UK writter. His stories fill with imagination and amazing subjects. Sometimes, I wonder the books are not for children because the subjects of the stories are so weird and even evil. However, I am still attracted by the stories. No doubt he is a great writter. I also think I will be a faithful reader to him.

2008年11月21日 星期五

2008年11月20日 星期四

What I believe

I believe everything happen to me is all right.
Even if the events look like unlucky and unfortunate.
I think I can always learn something from any event happened to me or my friends, my family. Past few years, I went through the bottle neck in my life and also got over so many difficulties in my career. Of course, I got so much luck to go up the top and went down from the top, but I always thanked for what I met.

Last years, my career fell into a standstill situation. Because of the business policy of our company, my research group, established by me, was compelled to close. My team members are very intelligent in their professional skills, but they still have to be disbanded. All of these made me depressed and disappointment. Even I didn’t sense that my heart was broken till I suddenly cried when I drove my car alone one day.

More than all of these, I hurt my arm and found my bone of hip was shifted at the same time. Misfortunes never come singly. In order to fix my body and mind, I start to check my life and my spirit. In exploring myself, these make me learn how to slow down and give me an opportunity to realize how plentiful I have in my life. Further, I understand the events, which looked like misfortunes, are the gifts to enlarge my scale and give me a break to prepare myself for next step. Even the events give me the possibility to get the diploma of ph. D.

However, I don’t know I will meet what kind of things tomorrow. I just believe one thing that everything is all right.

2008年11月5日 星期三

Family Travel – To visit autumn Hokkaido

In the beginning of October, My husband and I arranged a family travel for his parents and mine. Considering the flying time and the interesting place, we decided to visit Hokkaido in Japan. Hokkaido is quite beautiful in autumn and all of us like to sightsee the country and enjoy hot spring in Japan. In whole week, we completely released our pressure and had a very good time.

We visited Hokkaido from west to east, First day, we went to Toya-Lake to see the fireworks. There were the firework-shows every night in October. The show was so brilliant and incredibly beautiful. Second day, we started our maple leaves sightseeing.

Sou-un gorge is located in the Great Snow Mountain whose altitude is higher than the other places in Hokkaido, so the maple leaves become red earlier. There are two special waterfalls, large one is named “galaxy” and small one is “shooting star”. In the early morning, we got up to take walking beside the river ran through the mountains. The scenery looked like a beautiful picture. I felt everything became static at the moment. When the wind was blowing on my face, my worries seemed to go with the tender wind.

Don’t forget famous garden known as Frano in the middle of Hokkaido. The landforms of Furano are almost up and down hills. The farmers planted many kinds of flowers as a puzzle. Even if, the flowering season is in summer, we can also get so many nice photographs. Next time we must arrange another trip for Furano’s flowers in summer.

Last, we lived beside Akan-Lake. Here was a little bit cold when we got up early. We got a surprised gift in the early morning. A layer of fog was covered on the lake, which looked so mystical. I took a deep breath and drunk the fresh air in my lungs. Whole body seemed to be refreshed and cleaned. More important thing was our parents were pleased in the whole trip. We promise we will visit Hokkaido again.

2008年11月2日 星期日

2nd Week Grammer Practice

This is TOEIC grammer practice in class.
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TOEIC Practice Questions 081101
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1st Week's Grammer Homework

This is my grammer homework1 on 10/31.
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Grammer Review Pretest 081031
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2008年10月29日 星期三

Do you know how to shed a few unwanted pounds healthfully?

Nowadays, possessing a fit shape of body is the fashion. “Thin is in.” Had you ever seen your friends or families looked so thin and sick? Many people want to lose their weight, but most of them use unhealthful dieting method to achieve their goals. If you have weight issue, I will suggest a new fashion exercise to carry out your dreams. The answer is “Cycling”.

Cycling is not only a fashion activity but also good for health. Especially, it’s a good news for the people who never work out and have weak cardiopulmonary functions. Why is cycling? Cycling is an soft exercise and makes people easily enjoy the scenery and wind blowing. They do even not think it is an exercise and keep the excellent activity to be a habit. Then, the body will be better day by day. At the same time, the miracle will happen, and you can get trim and fit.

However, if the main purpose is losing weight, one thing is the key point when you ride a bike. Monitoring your heartbeats is the most important thing. You had better keep your heartbeats in 60% to 70% of the maximum. How to calculate the maximum heartbeats? Roughly estimate is to subtract your age from 220. For example, if the age is 40, the maximum heartbeats are 180. You don’t need hard to ride your bike, only to control your heartbeats in the range from 108 to 126, i. e. from 110 to 130, roughly. Because the strength is just in oxygen-exercise zone, it is helpful to burn fat.

Anyway, throw away unhealthful diet and enjoy cycling life. You can not image that your disease and unwanted pounds will go with winds. Besides, you can get back wonderful life. Are you ready to try cycling?

2008年10月24日 星期五

The first class -- Teacher Adam

The class is quite interesting for me.
Adam is an excellent english teacher.
I'm glad to join the class.